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Brainfreeze, Brainstorming and So Stun like Vegetable

All these people apparently So Stun Like Vegetable by something I didn’t say and something I didn’t do. It’s astounding how many people online believe in something that is quite simply untrue.

So, first off, don’t hold your breath if you’re waiting for an apology from me because that’s not what this is about.  I readily apologise when I’m wrong but this time folks, I simply didn’t do it. I categorically did not Tweet “brainstorm” on learning of the PM’s illness. In fact on learning of the PM’s illness I sent my wishes for his health. Isn’t the truth a bitch and so boring besides.

I’m afraid if you want to see lack of humanity from one politician to another you’ll have a look at some of the gems that came out of the mouth of Lee Kuan Yew. Amongst others I remember he alluded that my father’s weekly visits to tend to my sick aunt in JB were the basis of an incestuous relationship. Now that’s un-un-un-un-believable.



So far The Independent and Redwiretimes seem to be the only media in the whole country to have introduced any sanity into this non- event.

You can see their full article here.

unnamed (2)


I’ve been here before with the media shooting its mouth off over fabrications about me. The falsehood then was that I had invented threats against my wife, my son and I to gain sympathy votes. The whole country ran with that one.   That time after a few days when news broke that two men had been arrested by SPF for threats and therefore that I had been telling the truth all along, everyone deleted their posts faster than Ng E Jay changed his T shirt.

Do I need to remind you that one of the men arrested that time for Tweeting about raping my wife and son was a Straits Times employee?  Think about it.

It’s manufactured folks. You know, cut and paste, take this from here, that from there, put them together in a different order or time sequence to make it look like something else.  As REDWIRETIMES say how about the Tweets the media don’t show you?

If you really have it in for someone then it is SO easy to twist something out of context. What’s appalling is that it only takes a moment to look for the other side of the story and the truth but so few bothered. who tales the internet at face value these days? Seriously!

So does this mean everyone just hates me and cant wait for me to trip up so they can pile in?  Quite possibly Yes,  if  ‘everyone’ is the state media,  the government and Temasek Holdings.


Temasek doesn’t like KJ very much

Public Enemy Number One

It may be immodest of me to say the following about myself but it is necessary to spell it out. I am not Public Enemy Number One because I wished the PM ill (which I didn’t) but because I’m the most vocal critic of this government and the status quo.

  • I am the most vocal critic of Temasek and Mdm Ho Ching’s appointment there.
  • I’m the biggest critic of the CPF who publicly embarrassed Hri Kumar who publicly dodged my question.
  • I’m the biggest and most lucid critic of the Budget, the only one who spots that it doesn’t add up.
  • I’m the economist who took the Ministry of Finance to court so in the end the AG had to deny me standing so my case couldn’t be heard.
  • I’m the only critic who understands the numbers. More importantly I know how to write about them sanely and intelligently without defaming anyone.
  • I’m the only critic who can’t be bought off and who refuses to buy people (or entities such as TOC) over.
  • I’m the advocate who got Amos Yee Prisoner Of  Conscience status.
  • I’m the critic who has been published all over the world.

I’m also the critic who has your back if your rights are threatened.
Even if I disagree with you or can’t stand the sight of you or think your policy proposals are a loony left wing disaster for Singapore, I’ll defend you. If an injustice is perpetrated against you then I’m on your side whether you’re a homeless, unwashed elder person or a freshly-minted millionaire.

I don’t pick and choose my human rights according to a narrow band of who I define as human. No wonder the big boys want to take every chance they can to discredit me by any means they can including spreading falsehoods. The question is : Why are you so ready to blindly follow?

I sure as hell know how to conduct myself like the gentleman I was brought up to be.

Because even though I am that critic I sure as hell know how to conduct myself like the gentleman I was brought up to be. I know how write a condolence letter which is a basic skill our PM never mastered and I know how to behave when someone is ill, even if that person is my worst enemy. The PM by the way isn’t anywhere near that. That’s not to say I like him but it’s the authoritarian system he presides over that is my enemy.

 Meanwhile good luck with opposing the changes to the EP. By the time you’ve come up for fresh air and looked around you our Constitution will have been re-written yet again. And there’s nothing you or I can do about it.


Bye now!  I must get back to Twitter and check out some funny kittens. (Oh and Temasek have just revealed some worrying trades.)

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