About Me

Writing my autobiography doesn’t come easily to me as I am naturally a rather shy and private person. But I understand that people need to know more about me.  And that needs to come from me.  After all ,why should you listen to anything I say because I am the son of someone else?

So on this page I shall start to write a little about me. I will choose the boring chronological route because that is all that I know how to do. You all know I don’t have my father’s fiery skills of oratory but unfortunately for my readers, I don’t have my brother’s  fiction writing skills either.

Part one will start with my parents and my life up to National Service.


  1. Keep up the fight Kenneth. Singaporeans are so blessed to have someone like you who is willing to risk everything in order to improve the political situation in Singapore. Your actions and word are beyond admirable.

    I pray that you can make headway in the next election.


  2. Um where is this Part 1 that is about your parents and NS? I have great respect for your dad (I met him once too on Orchard Road!) and would love to read more about your background.


  3. Hi Kenneth,
    The next GE is a good 5 years away. Suggest you over the next couple of years spend sometime transforming yourself like public speaking, people relationship, leadership, etc so that you can start working the ground from the third year forward to make a name for yourself and the party! Two years of public relations and one year of all-out campaigning will put you right in front!

    Build a GRC team and take on Tanjong Pagar or the West Coast!


  4. you have good heart and good ideas. your dad is the True Singaporean Hero. We all know that somehow. Now, distill, simplify and convert all this into votes against all odds. Against the startlingly unjust playing field. We want to see your team succeed.


  5. Dear Sir,
    I wish your blog address wasn’t ‘sonofadud’ because your father certainly isn’t!
    Nevertheless, I’d like to wish you and the Reform Party all the very best in the upcoming GE! Thank you for working hard for the betterment of the people!


  6. Hi Sir, Came across this blog while I was looking at your website. Its been a while since Singapore has seen a credible opposition party and I think RP has what it takes. I hope the recent resignations have not stifled your progress and I really hope you will be able to find new people to join you in your cause. Been a great fan your father and I am looking forward to you carrying on his work. Cheers!


  7. Dear Sir, you have done graet job by launching this blog. So far your articles are specific subject that are well focused on the matter which i can say the bottom line is share the country’s prosperity with all Singaporean. The attidute that our leaders have is simply ‘Don’t worry about our locals, they will just do what we tell them to do, they dare not to talk back or the simply do not know how to express their frustration and problem. and we also know how to scare them without us you will be in the drain’.
    Wish you all the best


  8. great start. Kenneth, keep it up. No doubt history shall do you, your father, and opposition politics in Singapore better justice than the underhanded PAP and their embarassing Straitsjacket Times mouthpiece


  9. Really happy I came across your blog. Congrats on the start of it. I’m really interested in learning about the real Singapore as I’m tired of the kool aid that’s being served. I hope your blog and party goes from strength to strength.


  10. This is excellent initiative, keep up the noble task of a true Singapore son speaking up for the sake of the future generations of Singapore. It would be good if you can write to wake up Singaporeans to exercise their democratic rights and to understand that a certain mistrust of power of the ruling elite is good and necessary as it goes a long way to check the unhealthy development of Hubris Syndrome in elitist Singapore.


    • Yes sadly still lagging behind in the technical department! Cannot find a photo that survives cropping in those proportions.


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