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  1. Dear Ken,

    The recent explosive public discussion about the now famous (or infamous) LKY Will has got me thinking:

    “The Will that men do lives after them” – Apologies to Shakespeare

    When is a Will not a Will?
    Even if it’s reshaped seven times seven
    Even if lawmakers contest its contents
    And break their kinsfolk’s confidence
    When all is bound and finished
    The Will is seldom the issue
    It’s more often what hasn’t been said
    That lies in faith, hope and trust
    When these have melted away
    What sincerity is there, if not betrayal
    Ambiguity can be found in every nook and cranny
    Many meanings, many its consequences
    Oft its money and currency
    Seldom preserved is the Will’s honor
    To conserve the estate or avoid dishonor
    Is the State grander than its collective personae?
    Or could the Man stage his Will against the State?


    26 June 2017
    Ex Singaporean, Now Australian

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