how to contact me – where to find me

You may often see me around on the bus or MRT as I believe in public transport. Do Come up and say hi!  That’s the best way to contact me that I know!


 email :

Interact by commenting on a post.  If you email me with a comment on  a post expecting  a private response then I am unlikely to reply. This is because my stated aim is to ‘normalise’ democracy. That entails  encouraging transparency and helping Singaporeans to speak out and gain confidence in expressing their opinions. Don’t worry if your response is critical or questioning.  I will still publish it as  ‘normalising ‘  democracy involves opening out the debate.  It also involves  resisting the culture of secrecy,  avatars and fake Facebook profiles. So if you want a response use the comments function!

Facebook. I have a personal Facebook page KENNETH JEYARETNAM which has now exceeded 5,000 combined friends and page likes so I use

I can still receive message sent to my old Facebook page but I don’t check them regularly. Please don’t be offended if I don’t get back to your  FB comment.

 By post at: Kenneth Jeyaretnam, The Reform Party,18A Smith Street,Singapore 058932. The office phone is +65 65349641. But bear in mind that the office relies on volunteer staff so leave a message!

Twitter!/thereformparty  or!/KenJeyaretnam

And Linked In on

youtube at  See here for the ‘Pinjam’ speech video

In the real world. I often attend our weekly Open house sessions held at Smith Street.  Check  the Party website and Facebook pages  for  details.

Nota Bene

One place you can’t find out about me or what I do, is in the Straits Times and most other Singaporean media. Nor will you see me speaking at forums at NUS and so on. The State institutions  have a coordinated policy of blocking me. They are attempting to make me invisible to the public. Do help me thwart them by writing to The Straits Times whenever you can and politely asking why I or The Reform Party never feature. This Saturday was a perfect example. The Straits Times gave  a round up of the views of  all the  opposition parties’ views on The Presidential elections with the exception of the Reform Party. They even  printed the opinion of  a political wannabee who lost his deposit in GE 2011. Less than 5% of the people have shown any interest in his opinion yet it was favored over ours.  Concidentally on Saturday I was attending a National day dinner hosted by The SPP ( Singapore people’s party) in  a big group of about 14 Reform Party members. Ours was a vibrant thriving presence compared to the two attendees from WP and SDP and the no show of  NSP. Yet our state  media act as though we are dormant or dead! Believe me, I am alive and examining the rice bowl daily.


  1. Hi Mr Kjeyaretnam

    I am really in need of a place to live before my 2 room BTO arrive in about 3-4years’ time. I am only eligible for IRH or PPHS before I collect my new flat keys.

    I read in the media that IRH residents were living in hell.

    May I know if you are able to help me get a single unit rental?

    Many thanks in advance
    Sia Charlene


  2. When I was young, I saw Mr Ong Teng Cheong driving off in his car. He waved at me when he saw I recognized him. That made my day, and I couldn’t wait to tell my parents I met Mr Ong.

    Later when I read about his struggles with the PAP elites, and when he passed, I was really saddened.


  3. LKY and LHL thought that Ong can be just another puppet to front the charade regarding our reserves. However, Ong did not play their game and wanted to know the truth. Hence they treated him like dirt and kick him out when his term is up, re-interpret the role of president so that subsequent presidents will not be able to challenge Lee and find out the truth. Then Lee think of another role call the minister mentor so that he can indirectly control the reserves, with the help of daughter-in-law and trusted servants..


  4. I admire your courage & persistency! When my uncle Ong Teng Cheong was President, he was really torn up by the State’s affairs. I felt so sorry for him back then. I’m so glad you are picking up where he left off.
    Singapore needs more folks like you. I’m sorry & shameful to say I cannot fight the fight with you. I’ve not been residing in Singapore for a long time. Yes, I’ve given up on this country & it’s Government.


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