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Category: The market

Another Round of Monopoly Anyone?

In Parliament on Monday the Government announced changes to the Telecommunications Act designed to give them powers to require a telecoms company, or Telco, to divest its assets and business […]

Fat Tails and Unknown Unknowns

The Pulau Bukom refinery fire is finally out and fortunately with no loss of life. For Shell though, their biggest refinery is out of action, possibly for an extended period. […]

We Need A New Model

On  reading the reports of DPM Tharman’s speech at the World Bank-Singapore Infrastructure Finance Summit yesterday, I was surprised how sanguine he was about the likely global recession and its […]

Are Foreign Investors Scared?

The Prime Minister Weighs in on Pragmatism v Populism   Hot on the heels of ESM Goh’s comments about the need for Singaporeans to be “pragmatic”, the PM has decided […]

Average 2.8% Dec '09 - Dec '10 4.6%

Should we worry about inflation?

Recently there has been much concern over rising inflation in Singapore. Looking at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) the average figure for the year 2009-2010 was 2.8% (shown in blue). […]

What’s up Doc?

012: What’s up Doc? Or who needs a carrot when you own the farm? In a report in the ST dated 5th Feb 2011*, PM Lee is quoted as saying, […]

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