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The New Model of Repression and Censorship

I see that yesterday Black Dot rushed to confirm my statement. They ARE indeed a spin doctor for the Government. Worryingly these are also likely to be the guys that will decide your fate when the new fake news law passes.

My claims of collusion and abuse of power by and between the PM, state media and the police have so far not been challenged or refuted . not even by Black Dot who have only added smoke and mirrors type distractions.

What happened to Roy Ngerng, Alex Au and Leong Sze Hian, to name only a few? They were sued, the first and last by the PM, who used state resources (his press secretary, her office and his lawyer Lucien Wong who later was appointed AG).

Since I have not been sued only “spun” what does that tell you? The best way to counter fake news is to use your own brains.

They would like to convince us that they fact-check as a public service to Singaporeans. In fact they advertise in this response “We cover ANY topic which affects our society, so if anyone out there, and we do mean ANYONE, has any leads or fake news we should fact-check, please feel free to drop us a note at”

I invite you to drop them a note with all the instances that you find of the Government’s fake news including where the Government slants news to misleadingly present itself in a favourable light or claim credit. Send me a copy of your note and I’ll post it here.

Meanwhile in classic form like our old friend Hri Kumar they have dodged the questions:

  1. Who are their top 5 clients
  2. What are their revenues?
  3. Who are their investors and what is their business model?
  4. Do they receive any funding, either directly or indirectly, from the Government, whether channelled through MDA or through one of the other entities funded by the Ministry of Communications and Information or through another source altogether including GLCs such as Temasek? MCI’s budget allocation for FY 2019 is nearly $1 billion which pays for a lot of propaganda and spin doctoring even highly paid lawyers.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression objected strongly to the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill in a letter to Lee Hsien Loong. But, the Government is not backing down from rushing this piece of repressive legislation through our rubber stamp Parliament.

Once this happens expect the new model of silencing dissent and repression to work like this. Anonymous “citizens” will complain to organisations like Black Dot, who will claim to be unconnected with the Government but whose funding will remain secretive, and whose members will be either ex-civil servants, ex-state media journalists, ex-military or former lawyers from law firms like Drew and Napier which spearheaded the Lee family’s campaign to crush JBJ from the days of Joe Grimberg onwards to the new servants of repression, Davinder Singh and Hri Kumar.

Black Dot will then issue an “independent” report saying that such and such a post or blog is fake news. The Minister for Information will then accept the report citing Black Dot’s objectivity and the individuals involved in posting will be warned, prosecuted, fined or even jailed. Foreign news sources will be blocked to “protect” Singaporeans who despite a supposedly world-beating education are too stupid or naive to make up their own minds. No more the PM risking his global reputation as an enlightened despot (typified by the rubbish that is spouted by venal or stupid Westerners “that 10% growth pays for an awful lot of repression”) by suing impecunious bloggers like Roy. This will be the new Uniquely Singaporean “no collusion here’ model. Now you are going to find out what repression really looks like.

In my next few blogs I will look at two further cases of collusion. The first is historic where a group of so-called Tamil “worthies”colluded to drive my father into bankruptcy through ludicrous defamation awards.

The second is where the police colluded more recently to defame me

I will also add some fake news stories that I am sending to Black Dot.

Let’s remember Amy Khor, born in Malaysia and another of the PAP mafia of naturalised citizens like Khaw Boon Wan and Janelle Puthucheary (both of whom evaded NS), who said in 2013 that Singaporeans could pack up and leave if they did not like it here. I can guarantee you are not going to like it under this new law. Singaporeans don’t have to leave, they have another choice. Vote this Government out!

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