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National No Collusion Day

Today it appears that the PAP is afraid that Bertha’s confession and my statement in response are likely to cause “a seismic shift in public perception” and are moving to shut it down. How do I know this? Because they have brought in a shadowy organisation called Black Dot whose mission statement says they “verify claims made from any source that could potentially cause a seismic shift in public perception on topics of general importance in Singapore.” 

I’m glad to have confirmation that this topic is of general importance in Singapore and that it could shift public perception. Those are the implications. No wonder the PAP is running scared.

Who are Black Dot? They claim to be independent but they are not. I have looked at their website and they appear to be the pointy end of the Government’s damage control unit. Not black but the big white dogs brought in to spin a tale when facts cannot save the government.

Their blurb goes on to say “We are entirely self-funded and unconnected to any third-party organisation, political, government or otherwise.

Pull the other one. Black Dot group are far from “independent.” They are:

MD of Black Dot

Nicholas Fang, previously at the State Times and Channel News Asia (part of Mediacorp owned by Temasek) for 15 years before becoming an NMP (which is a PAP innovation designed to make Singaporean look like a government of the people.

Executive Director of Black Dot

Jeffrey Fang (presumably Nicholas’s relative because no collusion, no nepotism in Singapore) Previously Director of Strategic and Public Affairs at Temasek. (For foreigners and those Singaporeans who might have forgotten, Temasek is not only a state investment company but is headed by PM Lee’s wife).

Senior Researcher for Black Dot

Kevin Tan was an SAF officer for 17 years. 

Lead Fact Checker

Derek Low was a Captain in the SAF before working for Drew and Napier, the PAP’s preferred defamation lawyers, since 1976 with Joe Grimberg succeeded today by his pupil Davinder Singh and also Hri Kumar.

One wonders how much money the PAP must be funnelling to Black Dot if they can employ a litigation lawyer as their lead fact checker. Clearly there are some very deep pockets.

If Black Dot have been brought in then that shows Bertha’s confession and my statement in response are likely to cause a “seismic shift” in public perception. The facts show the police and the Editor of the State Times colluding with PM Goh and LKY to bring down the head of the Opposition AND win money for the PM. The truth, in case anyone still doubts it, is that both the head of SPF and the head of state media are just lackeys of the PM and the Lee family.

Worried much? Not me, but the PAP apparatchiks are running around like headless chickens because of the expose of their horrifically corrupt government. If this didn’t involve the tragic curtailing of a man’s life and the dismantling of the people’s right to an effective opposition I would be laughing my head off.

Bertha must spend every hour of every day now regretting what she wrote . I see she rushed off to a lawyer and then issued an “addition “. That’s because removing her confession would only serve to prove its truth.

Was she just jumping on the publicity for Balji’s book to promote her own brand or did she really think it would cast a gentler light on her? I suppose she wanted to pose as one of Singapore’s soft liberals and a martyr. She failed. She’s just a common or garden colluder who didn’t even have the basic grace or etiquette to let me know what she was going to write. I am astonished to recall that this woman came  to my father’s wake. It shows the extent of her cruelty as much as her hypocrisy when a few words from her into into his ear or mine BEFORE he died could have eased his pain.

It would be interesting to have a list of Black Dot’s top 5 clients but in the absence of even partial disclosure a background in state media and working for Temasek and the military is about as close as one can get in Singapore to a direct PAP connection. As they manage damage to the government their clients must be the government.

No Independence. Definitely  NO COLLUSION here!

No amount of spinning and “fact correction” from PAP-linked organisations can hide the fact that this episode reveals the lengths to which the government will go to bring down anyone who threatens the family power of the Lees, in this case my father, J B Jeyaretnam. Yet again we are shown proof positive that the PM has absolute power and that every institution in Singapore, from the police force to the media, is at his command to crush all opposition to his rule and to further his and his family’s financial interests.

We are no different from any other third world totalitarian state with a tin pot general as head of state. Evidence of collusion between these institutions, the PM, his media, his Police , in perverting the course of justice would see heads roll anywhere other than here.

Does this feel like a seismic shift in public perception? Do the public even realize the implications or is everyone still sleepwalking. No one has ever sued the Police force before. But we’re not going to get an enquiry or independent investigation. There’s an option I suppose to Sue the PM, Goh Chok Tong, SPH. Who is the lawyer in Singapore brave enough to take it on?

No matter what the black dot /white dogs say, what matters here is the date on which I read Bertha’s confession which is the date on which I became aware of this proof of abuse of power, corruption and collusion. The clock is ticking.

Return the money!


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