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Don’t Interfere in Our Domestic Politics But We’ll Feel Free to Intervene in Yours

A few days ago another illuminating example of how Singapore’s PAP Government uses its Fake News mouthpieces came to light. However this time, instead of its usual tactics of brainwashing and intimidating Singaporean voters with a brazen arrogance that even the Russians must admire, it has been caught trying to influence Malaysian politics.

On 25 May The Edge, an independent Malaysian media group, of the sort that has been extinct in Singapore since LKY’s forcible closure of the Singapore Herald and other independent newspapers in 1971,  published an article showing how the Straits Times (or more aptly the State Times) had written a piece of fake news designed to smear those working to expose the theft taking place at 1MDB and support ex-PM Najib Razak.

The fake news in question concerned an article published in the ST’s print and online editions on July 24 2015. This took the form of an exclusive interview with a former employee of PetroSaudi (which was one of the entities to which large sums of IMDB’s money money were allegedly diverted), Xavier Andre Justo, who was then languishing in a Bangkok jail after he tried to sell the information about PetroSaudi being used as a vehicle to steal money from 1MDB and being accused of theft and blackmail by his employer.

The report was headlined “I was offered $2.7m for stolen data: Ex-PetroSaudi employee Xavier Andre Justo on the 1MDB saga” and went on to say that the group to which Justo handed documents related to 1MDB’s transactions with PetroSaudi told him they intended to “modify the documents” and use them to “bring down the Malaysian government” of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

The ST report named only Sarawak Report Editor, Clare Rewcastle-Brown but provided a smoking gun for Najib’s Government to allege that The Edge was seeking to bring down a democratically elected government by publishing a series of allegedly fake articles on 1MDB that were based on documents received from Justo. The Edge was suspended from publication though the suspension was later reversed.

Ho Kay Tat, the CEO of The Edge, points out how remarkable it was that the ST was granted exclusive access to Justo when even the Malaysian police were not allowed to see him. The ST story was carried by the Government’s newspapers and television stations in Malaysia.

After Najib was ousted in the 9 May election, Justo (who subsequently received a Thai royal pardon in December 2016), has travelled to Malaysia to meet Mahathir and presumably spill the beans. He told The Edge that while he was jailed in Bangkok, pressure was put on him by his former employer and a private detective pretending to be from Scotland Yard to give an interview to the ST. He was allegedly handed a sheet with the answers he was supposed to give.

Later, in April 2016, Justo filed suit against The Edge’s owners in a Singapore court demanding the return of two data storage drives he had passed to them on the grounds that he never received payment. The ST published three articles on the suit at the time but failed to report that it was subsequently thrown out by the Singapore courts.

So why was the ST getting involved on behalf of Najib to discredit his opponents? It can hardly have been without LHL’s knowledge and approval. Since LKY passed the Newspaper and Printing Presses Act in 1974, the State Times and indeed all of Singapore’s media are effectively run as propaganda operations by the secret police, or ISD (Internal Security Department). Most of the editors have come from there including our last president-but-one, S R Nathan, who moved seamlessly from Head of the ISD to become CEO of SPH.  I remember my father asking in Parliament what qualifications Nathan had to be made head of SPH since his previous experience was working for the Kenpeitai during the Japanese Occupation and for the ISD subsequently.

It is difficult to believe that the PAP Government was not aware at the time of events at !MDB as most of the money diverted to Jho Low and others passed through Singapore. While Singapore has been in the lead in prosecuting some of the minor figures involved in laundering of the money, it did not start to do so until after the US Department of Justice in July 2016 started to seize assets that it said were misappropriated from 1MDB and laundered through the US banking system by senior 1MDB officials, including Malaysian Official 1 (not identified but almost certainly Najib).

One can only suspect that Singapore and LHL, for whatever reasons, preferred a corrupt Government headed by Najib in Malaysia to the Opposition taking power. Perhaps LHL was just keen to prop up a fellow autocrat who would then be beholden to Singapore for help and more likely to make concessions over trade and other issues like water. Maybe he feared a change in Government might give fresh hope to Singapore’s almost extinct Opposition and allow Singaporeans to get dangerous ideas such as that a change of government would make people better off. Or maybe he was worried that revelations about 1MDB might uncover more Singaporean connections, perhaps even wrongdoing at our sovereign wealth funds which are so tightly controlled by himself and his wife. We can be sure that Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim will investigate this thoroughly now and will not hesitate to call out any Singapore connections.

Whatever the motivation, it shows up the utter hypocrisy of Shanmugam’s invective against foreigners interfering in our domestic affairs during the hearings by the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods and in particular of the connection between P J Thum and Soros’s Open Societies Foundation. In those exchanges, which were backed up in our state media by references to Soros’s vast wealth and how much he had given to organisations like Human Rights Watch,  it was clear that what angered the PAP Government most was the idea that someone with deep pockets might be prepared to go up against them as they are used to being able to easily bankrupt and deprive of their livelihoods anyone who opposes them.

In April 2017 Shanmugam gave an interview to one of the PAP’s media poodles, Today, where he said “Simply as a matter of common sense, if a country thinks that the outcome of another country can be influenced to its interest, why would it not do so?”. With the benefit of hindsight we can now see he was speaking from experience of being on the giving rather than the receiving end of such interference.




  1. Just received a text from a friend…………………………………OMG…………………………………No wonder they increase GST, CPF age to withdraw etc…………They have gamble away you savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [13:53, 6/4/2018] SG is broke… we are gone case😭😭

    No accountability in Singapore.

    .1. The Reuters news report of Temasek Holdings investment portfolio’s multi-billion dollar losses in Barclays (over £850 million GBP), and Merrill Lynch (over $3 billion USD) were never reported (to date) in any of Singapore’s news media

    2. A further single year (2016) multi-billion dollar loss in Temasek Holdings investment portfolio amounted to $24 billion USD

    3. Temasek Holdings board of directors have not been held accountable for those losses. Ho Ching is the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings. She is married to the current Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong.

    4. The GIC Private Limited, which manages Singapore’s foreign reserves, lost $9.78 billion SGD of CPF funds in bailing out UBS.

    5. GIC’s and Temasek’s investee company Xiaomi lost $40 billion USD in value in 18 months.

    6. The GIC Private Limited board of directors (helmed by GIC Chairman Mr Lim Siong Guan, a former civil service head, as well as former Permanent Secretary in the Ministries of Defence, Education, Finance, and the Prime Minister’s Office), including the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, have not been held accountable for those losses.

    7. Temasek Holdings multi-billion dollar losses under Ho Ching remain unreported in Singapore news media, and she has never been held accountable for those losses either.


    • Mostly old news. Singaporeans don’t care because they don’t think the money is theirs anyway. They get much more excited over a $100 rebate in the Budget which causes them to vote PAP


      • Hahaha, and you are right, actually do you think a country can survive without any natural resoures? I assure you, if Singapore is in this cirteria, she has gone bankrupt 50 years ago. There was a clandestine meeting in which it is finalised that Brunei oil will flow thru singapore. Why was this not told??? All the revenue goes to the Familee and their cronies. And so you can see that the both currency are on par


        • Wow! That’s Good!!! Bring him back to Singapore n join Opposition to not only kick LHL, HC in the arse but put LHL, HC etc in prison like NR for corruption, nepotism, fraudulent activities etc

          However, A friend told me The LHL / LHY saga was simply wayang! So need to be careful

          I wish you guys lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!!! Please take all precautions!!!!!!!!!!!! ________________________________

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  2. I sounds very much a close shop, corrupt to the core. All yes man in the government, a conspiracy within the PAP. The good men are either booted out or ask to step down. PM is manipulative, corrupt and dishonest man. He has mistaken and was shown if you like the door by Dr Mahathir. I cannot believe he would have the balls to go an pay him a visit especially he is also an accomplish to the corrupt Najib, trying to get witness arrested, change his story to assist Najib etc. Frankly this is a joke, such shameful man, who claim to be cleaned! Well, I seriously think it is time for the Singaporeans to wake up, rise to the challenge of getting rid of the PAP. Whatever it is, OPPOSITIONS from various parties need to get together and have a plan of action how to change for the better and vote them out in the next e\\lection. How can LHL even avail himself to assist Najib in the past knowing very well it is a scam. An accomplish to the crime committed, technically is guilty! Unless proven innocent according to the laws of Singapore. Hence no exception since the oppositions in past since 1959 were accused detain under the ISD act. I strongly believe once the oppositions can get together come up with a agenda to work together for the good of Singaporeans, they will have a chance. Young Singaporeans are more vocal today, educated, can see what is happening to their future, prospects etc The old guards are slowly disappearing. Even his own sibblings are daring enough to speak out though they are technically on a self imposed exile except his sister. Unless Singaporeans are gutsy they will live to regret in the next 50 years. RISE UP AND VOTE OPPOSITION! YOU WILL RID OF THE CORRUPT PAP. GIVE TWO DAYS PUBLIC HOLIDAYS AFTER ELECTION, CLOSE ALL BANKS ETC AND BAR TRAVEL IMMEDIATELY CONFISCATE PASSPORTS ETC. PUT ALL THE WHOLE PAP GOVERNMENT MINISTERS ON HOUSE ARREST AND START TO SCRUTINISE THE BANK ACCOUNTS, ETC INCLUDING THEIR SPOUSE WHO HOLDS POSITION IN STATE ENTERPRISE ETC. I am sure the termites will appear out of the woodwork before too long……………………………………………….Sylvia Lim, CSJ, Lim Tean etc should work together for the good of Singaporean!!!!! May the Lord Bless The Opposition and give them the strength.


  3. Circulating on whatsapp in Malaysia. Publish only if you think fit:


    Very Interesting Read.. reality sets in.. behind the curtain of SG – KL HSR cancellation.. hidden hand of Justo’s case.. etc..

    Let’s continue our story about how Singapore, supposedly a clean and incorruptible nation, secretly helped ex-PM Najib Razak during the peak of the 1MDB scandal. The plausible possibility that the Government of Singapore was the “hidden hand” behind the blackmailing of Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo to change his story has since gotten The Straits Times extremely worry.

    As the world’s 3rd top financial centre (behind London and New York), it’s an insult to the peoples’ intelligence that Singapore didn’t know the documents supplied by 1MDB relating to its Brazen Sky Limited account were false bank statements. The Monetary Authority of Singapore knew that Arul Kanda was bullshitting when he claimed US$1.103 billion cash was kept at BSI Bank Limited, Singapore.

    Besides the United States, Switzerland and Luxembourg, it’s believed that Najib and his wife Rosmah keep their ill-gotten money in Singapore as well. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong loved Najib simply because such corrupted Malaysian leader can be easily manipulated and controlled. As a financial centre, Singapore does not discriminate against dirty or laundered money.

    The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur 350-km high-speed rail (HSR) link project which had been inked in 2016 under the previous PM Najib Razak was inflated to include kickbacks. As revealed by newly installed Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the project was designed in such a way that Malaysia will be penalised close to RM500 million if they withdraw from it.

    In actuality, Singapore doesn’t need the HSR project. After all, more than 90% of the railroad will be on Malaysian soil. It’s amazing that Singapore gets to pocket half a billion ringgit in the event the contract is cancelled considering the island’s involvement is less than 10%.

    Consider this – the 688-km East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) project costs RM55 billion but the shorter 350-km HSR project will cost RM110 billion.

    Obviously, something is fishy when it costs almost double for a shorter railway project. Shouldn’t China be awarded the HSR project since they could build it at half the price, or 50% discount? It appears that Singapore could have benefited massively from the high-speed rail project, possibly even kickbacks, after the “hidden hand” blackmailed Xavier Andre Justo to change his story.

    Unfortunately, both Najib Razak and Lee Hsien Loong, as they happily scratching each other’s back, didn’t anticipate that the 93-year-old Mahathir Mohamad could unseat the Barisan Nasional coalition government after being in power for 61 years since independence in 1957. All hell breaks loose when Pakatan Harapan coalition made a stunning victory.

    In normal circumstances, Mahathir should be the one flying to Singapore begging PM Lee Hsien Loong to cancel, or at least reconsider, the RM110 billion HSR project. Instead, it was the panicked Mr. Lee who flew to Malaysia to meet Mr. Mahathir. Even then, the Singaporean prime minister was given a short 30 minutes for the meeting, before the humiliated PM Lee left Mahathir’s office.

    Lee Hsien Loong wanted to talk about HSR with Mahathir, but the Malaysian leader simply told him that HSR will be scrapped, one way or another. With tail between legs, the Singaporean leader left. Today (Monday, May 28th), Mahathir unilaterally announced to the world that Malaysia will scrap the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail project.
    Singapore Lee Hsien Loong Visits Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad

    Mahathir said – “It is a final decision, but it will take time because we have an agreement with Singapore. It’s not beneficial. It’s going to cost us a huge sum of money.
    We’ll make no money at all from this arrangement. It is only a short track. It is only going to save people one hour by taking the HSR.”

    To lose RM500 million in penalty for cancelling the project is better than to spend RM110 billion on a mega-project which is doomed to fail. The ticket price for the HSR trip will be too expensive for ordinary Malaysians. However, based on Mahathir’s track record, he is not going to bend over and flash half a billion of ringgit to Lee Hsien Loong without a fight.

    If Mahathir had previously given Lee Kuan Yew a run for his money, chances are the old man is going to do the same to his son now. The Malaysian prime minister has already hinted that his administration will haggle – and most likely drag his feet – about the final compensation figures for Singapore.
    Malaysia-Singapore HSR – High Speed Railway

    Heck, Mahathir might even just offer Hsien Loong a small token of compensation for cancelling the project, and there’s nothing Singapore can do about it. Will Singapore drag Malaysia to the international court and in the process spill the beans about how the unfavourable terms were made between scandal-plagued Najib Razak and his Singapore buddy?

    Hsien Loong is easy meat to Mahathir. When push comes to shove, Malaysia can easily threaten Singapore over its national security – by allowing China to deploy its radar surveillance and missile system in Johor, essentially spying on the little island. Last year, Beijing offered AR3 multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) to be positioned in Johor, Malaysia.

    Conventional wisdom says it would be wise for Singapore to forget about insisting on the RM500 million penalties, in the interest of maintaining good relationship between both countries. It’s better for Mahathir to owe Lee Hsien Loong a favour than to start a confrontation. Singapore’s reputation will be at stake if the country is openly mentioned as the “hidden hand” behind Justo blackmail in Thailand. 1MDB Scandal – Xavier Andre Justo Arrested in Thailand.

    Kredit financetwitter


  4. The Whole PAP is a SHAM! Time for Singaporeans to have balls! Time for GCT to cross over to join Opposition and bring the country back to the Citizens


        • As I suspected, TCB is doing EVERYTHING wrong. Instead of using his position to bring everyone together, it seems to us looking from the outside, he will end up with a party of geriatrics. Scratch one.


      • If Tharman can be his own man and make the right move, he can command an edge over the rest. Being an economist like yourself helps us as Singapore is still a major financial center and he commands respect from many fronts internationally.


  5. Shanmugam? The Sham? More hypocrisy and arrogance than anything else? No way can a rational person take his words at face value. Because he has nothing of value to produce, except for half-lies or half-truths.


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