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Roy gets a letter

roy ng

So Roy Ngerng has posted the picture above on his Facebook page of a threatening letter he received. I do hope he was not too shocked as this kind of thing can be very distressing to receive.  It certainly sounds very menacing.   Most Singaporeans reading it will be simultaneously appalled  but also feel just a little bit proud that our local abusers write so well – with correct spelling,  punctuation and everything!

A written and snail mail posted letter is a strangely old fashioned threat.  Although it must have left Roy feeling vulnerable it also leaves clues through the stamps and fingerprinting. The new anti harassment law should be applicable in this case and I hope Roy hands it to SPF.

One rarely sees or hears of  these letters anymore although I did receive one a couple of years ago. It was hand delivered to the Party office at a time when I was receiving the other threats and  “Hijirah Maker” had started to threaten my wife and son by email and the other man arrested had put out Tweets urging their rape. If it  hadn’t been for that context I would have just dismissed it. because it was also quite comic. As it was I handed it over to the police who also checked CCTV footage outside the office, dusted it for fingerprints and very excitingly took all our prints for elimination purposes. Just like an old fashioned detective show. It all led to nothing and apparently the video footage was inconclusive.

I didn’t keep the letter but it was written very differently to the Hijirah Maker emails . It said something like , “Leave Singapore  tonight or you will die. Go immediately to Birmingham and do not look back” . I am glad to say my whole family had a good laugh over this. We referred to it as my version of Sophie’s Choice – die or go to Birmingham. I really couldn’t decide which was worse, live in Birmingham or die. I suppose this is only funny if you know that Birmingham is the kind of place in the UK that is the butt of many jokes or it used to be in politically incorrect days. It’s also funny because I have never lived in Birmingham or really even visited there. I never could work out why the author fixed on that city but it was an easy choice and I decided to stay!  In any case, there weren’t any direct flights to Birmingham that night.

Poor Roy. His letter is so much more malicious and I have a feeling it  will escalate. Nasty stuff indeed. KJ

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