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Bertha Henson writes about TRS


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Bertha blogger Henson has been strangely affected by the shut down of TRS. She hasn’t been this moved since she saw that video of a distressed teenage boy getting assaulted by a 49 yr old man outside the courthouse. Admittedly that was a different kind of emotion for her.   That experience was more enjoyable certainly as she posted that she “clapped quietly”  was  “gleeful” and “took a vicarious pleasure in seeing the slap administered to Amos Yee” . Revealing zero comprehension of Irony,  blogger Bertha also wrote in that post that the slap was justified because spreading vitriol in public is unacceptable, you know.

It would seem the shutdown of The Real Singapore website has left Bertha with an overriding emotion of confusion.  She says the site’s closure has made the law look like a “badly sewn patchwork”, Certainly the post she put up did consist mostly of questions for which she had no answers or suggestions. Bertha Henson used to have a site called The Real Breakfast. When the new MDA laws came in that became one of the first casualties.  She’s ex Straits Times ( and we all know what that meas wink, wink) so it’s not as though she was prosecuted or sued. .More prosaically she and her investors refused to put up the the required  bond of S$ 50.000 and so The Breakfast Network closed down in Dec 2013.

Now feel gleeful and clap your hands quietly if you take vicarious pleasure in knowing that  MDA’s order to close down TRS  brought back painful memories for Ms Henson.

Here is her article containing all the questions we all asked and wrote about already.

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  1. Bertha says the site’s [TRS’] closure has made the law look like a “badly sewn patchwork.”

    But she “clapped quietly”, was “gleeful” and “took a vicarious pleasure in seeing the slap administered to Amos Yee”.

    What Bertha has exhibited is a serious lack of understanding of what is right or wrong, in the context of the law.

    She acted like an immature person, a kiddo still in kindergarten, in terms of her personal behavior concerning the slap on Amos.

    What is the law for, if anyone can just freely or unjustifiably slap another and does not have to answer to the law?

    Bertha, please grow up, mentally if not physically!


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