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ARTICLE 14 – legal blogger writes on the constitutionality of that loan.

Everyone should read this blogger’s latest piece on the constitutionality of the IMF loan and his earlier blog to be found here:

I am very glad that at least one opposition politician, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, is actively pursuing this issue. Based on the response that he has gotten from the President, it is evident that the President’s consent was not sought. Kenneth Jeyaretnam has set out in detail the sequence of events leading up to the President’s response:

I don’t know who Subra is in real life but he describes himself as a lecturer in law  “A Singaporean firmly believing in Liberty, Freedom of Expression and a system of government based on checks and balances.” He not only proclaims a belief in these ideals  but unlike our politicians he clearly backs it up with action.

I’m not sure that I agree with his conclusion, after all it is no longer 1997 and the IMF loan is not between us and Indonesia but involves IMF with proscribed standards on transparency which we do not follow. IMF will not be able to act with the contempt that MOF does.

However he points out the method of discrediting my father back then with the PAP accusing him of  “misrepresenting” and  mocking or ridiculing him . This  is almost exactly the same as the method used by MICA in 2012 in their swift responses to my absolutely accurate letter in the WSJ.  Notice in that letter they accuse me of “misrepresenting” and then ridicule me by pointing out,  wholly unnecessarily, that the  political party I stood for in GE 2011 failed to gain any seats.  This was just a method to discredit me.

I seem to remember then that Subra  blogged on the MICA rebuttal and pointed out that I was correct and MICA was wrong. Of course MICA know I was right and they were wrong but that was not the point. I have written to WSJ putting my case and denying misrepresentation but I guess their lawyers are afraid and so they haven’t printed it.

For the record I will state that I stand by everything I wrote in that letter, MICA are wrong and if they disagree then let them sue me.  Does it matter? Yes.  The accusations to destroy my credibility added to by ridicule were a pre- emptive strike by the PAP as my response to the budget 2012 was already out there.   Also they can now show it to the IMF and say, ” This is a guy who gets everything wrong and is bitter and twisted about losing. See! We already had to rebuke hm once.”

I will come back to Subra’s conclusion later meanwhile it is worth noting that both Subra and I were blogging about this in April, we don’t know each other or communicate just as  Chris Balding and I were independently working on the same thing , “discrepancies”,  also without knowing or being aware of each other. What does this tell you? Coincidence?

My budget 2012 response is out there, still buried by the MSM, still not responded to by MOF. Thank goodness for cyberspace.

Subra says,

 Kenneth is a lone voice lost in the wilderness of the internet.  His questions are not being echoed in the mainstream media and the only persons that may be privy to this issue are those that take the effort to get information from the net. 

It is well worth taking the effort to get the information from the internet from those of us blocked out of the MSM, as this affects your rice bowl.


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