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We Need to Talk About Race

I felt almost as though I was watching a rerun of the Amos Yee saga as I saw the Government’s reaction to Subhas and Preeti Nair’s video. I have provided a link to it above since the Government has got its newly tamed houseboys Facebook and Google to take down or disable any links accessible to Singaporeans on their platform.

In the case of Amos Yee, the Government tried to make his prosecution about inciting religious hatred. But US immigration judge, Samuel Cole, who heard Amos’s asylum case, saw through their justifications and commented that in an 8 minute video, only 30 seconds were devoted to criticising Christians. He ruled it was a politically motivated prosecution done with the intention of silencing critics.

What seems to have riled the PAP here was not the expletives but the fact that the pair attack the Government in the video and blame it for tolerating, even encouraging, racism. The original racism on the part of NETS, a partially Government-owned company, and state media broadcaster, Mediacorp, gets ignored while those who point out racism are investigated by the police and may be prosecuted.

If the PAP was serious about tackling racism in our society then they would enact an Equality Act along the lines of the US or the UK. The PAP’s line on behalf of the majority is that there is no racism or unequal treatment in Singapore based on race and if you dare to suggest otherwise you will be prosecuted for inciting racial conflict which is seditious

LKY’s racist rants were never criticised but praised by his state media poodle as “hard truths to keep Singapore going.” His famous comments about whether it was possible to trust the Malays’ loyalty in time of war became institutionalised in the form of policies which excluded many Malays from doing NS or put them in policing roles. However in the era of Greater China, and, following LKY’s example, the PAP’s relentless exaltation of the superiority of Chinese culture, it is worth standing the question of loyalty on its head. Could a Chinese Singaporean be relied upon to defend Singapore if it was China that invaded?

These are the discussions we need to be having when we talk about “brown face”.

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