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Shock! BG Chan Chun Sing Reveals He Passed Primary School Maths

ChanChun SingLet no one be in doubt as to the intellectual qualities of PAP’s 4th Generation Leadership! This was confirmed to me today when I read BG Chan Chun Sing’s (who is believed to be the front runner to replace Lee Hsien Loong should he ever feel able to retire) brilliant and incisive analysis here of what might happen if we spent any of our reserves. In a stunning display of breathtaking mental acuity he said the following:

“Suffice to remember this that every dollar we save and put back into the reserves will help us earn more than that dollar to meet the needs of our future generations. This is especially important when our population is not growing as fast and when our population ages. On the other hand, every dollar of earning we spend now will mean more than one dollar plus investment returns less for the next generation.”

We should be grateful we have a dutiful and obedient state media that delivers for our benefit these pearls of wisdom which fall from our PAP masters’ lips. It is almost on a par with the mental maths ability of the football commentator whom I heard while watching the Liverpool v Southampton FA Cup Final in 1976, “If Liverpool loses here today then their chances of winning the Treble (League Championship, FA Cup and League Cup-Liverpool had already won the League Cup) will be that much less.

The football commentator was an ex-footballer who had probably left school without even O Levels. Chan Chun Sing is a Cambridge Economics graduate who apparently graduated with First Class honours. Clearly his talent for stating the blindingly obvious for the benefit of undereducated and intellectually challenged Singaporeans makes him worth every dollar of his Premier League salary. That is why Lee Hsien Loong has picked him to keep the seat warm until the next generation of the Familee can take over.


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