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Would you stand up for your country? Majulah: the spoken word version.

benjamin chow



Introducing a  talented young performer and a spoken word performance that sums up our Singapore existence much better than a thousand written words from me. This is Benjamin Chow’s take on Majulah.   It’s hilarious, poignant, biting and compassionate.  You can check out the live performances from the very brave souls at open mic event called  Destination :INK. It’s held every second Monday of the month at 8pm on the top floor of  Blu Jaz, 11 Bali Lane Singapore, 189848.  Benjamin is usually present for those and tells me that the work that gets shared there has been getting steadily more and more developed over the years. Entry is $4 but for those of you who can’t make it in person,  I’ve embedded Majulah here:


  1. The Chingay parade held over the past two days was “Majulah” magnified a million times. Recent Chingay parades have been unbelievable exercises in state propaganda, with performers kowtowing to LHL and his wife and other party luminaries such as GCT and TCH as they pass the VIP stands. It is an elitist exercise in which millions of dollars are spent each year to reward party faithfuls in a closed-door, tightly scripted exercise. The resources of Singapore Pools, Toto, the Turf Club and various GLCs are thrown behind the event. The majority of Singaporeans no longer gets to see the live performances.

    Like everything else under the PAP, Chingay has become elitist. A future government, please return Chingay to the streets, so that ordinary Singaporeans can enjoy it and truly feel it belongs to hem. That will do more to bring people together than puerile and facile propaganda exercises such a “We are Majulah”. “Majulah” is an insult to our intelligence.


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