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How Our Government Came to be Perceived as Violating the Rights of Children

unhchrWith Amos Yee’s sentencing due tomorrow, the Office of the United Nations HIgh Commissioner for Human Rights has issued a statement that sentencing Amos to reformative training is completely disproportionate for the offences for which he has been convicted. They urge the Government to review Amos’s conviction, which they state as being for uploading a video and images critical of Lee Kuan Yew, and for prosecutors to drop their demand for reformative training. The statement ends with the strong words:

“OHCHR calls for the immediate release of Amos in line with its commitment under the UN Convention on the Rights of Child. OHCHR also hopes that the judiciary will exercise its authority in the protection of human rights including the rights of the child”

Even if the PAP Government refuses to recognise Amos as a child, internationally he is seen as such and that he should not be in prison. I have been writing about this since Amos was first charged and have been particularly upset by the prospect that Amos was looking at potentially years of imprisonment. By prosecuting, convicting and imprisoning a child like Amos, potentially for years, merely for criticising our late dictator and the hagiography of Saint Harry, our Government has reduced Singapore’s standing in the eyes of the world. Our signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child has been revealed to be a hypocritical sham.

Today is Amos’s sentencing. I only hope that the prosecution will see sense and drop their demand that Amos be sentenced to reformative training or that the judge will change her mind and show the mercy that so far has eluded her.

Here is the text of the UNHCHR statement:


  1. Alas, KJ the cowards shied away from RTC but only to dump in for a further 14 days in IMH. It just keeps getting from bad to worse. You are one of the solitary beacons of decency in this horrible time.


  2. Let’s be serious. Miss Kaur the judge is beholden to the Powers that be and to the rich and powerful….Guess who ?. She was chosen so that it appears to the peasants that being a Sikh and a feamale at that, she would be impartial and neutral in her judgements. Fool the masses…YES……but I am NOT that easily
    fooled. Just remember that she IS the Piper who plays the tune that she is PAID big bucks for. Remember that old song…..If you have the money, I have the time. Unfortunately, it’s TAXPAYERS money !.


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