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Homeless and Living on the Streets of China Town update.

Just to let you know that today  Ms J from the Family Centre in Ang Mo Kio did call us back but only to say that Madam L’s case has been referred to the China Town office. This leaves Madam L homeless over the weekend. We are actively trying to find her a space in a shelter. If you have any suggestions or information about vacancies please do let me know asap. Donations of food and clothing would also be appreciated. You can leave your suggestions in the  comments here.
Thank You. Kenneth.


  1. Kenneth,

    I read your article “Homeless in Singapore’s Island Paradise” and I would like to directly help Madam L by paying off her arrears and GIROing her rent if you are able to find her a flat mate. I’ll try reaching you at your office, but otherwise, is there an email I can reach you at directly?

    I want her in a home before anymore dingdonging with the goverment goes on, if need be, I’ll even get her in a simple budget hotel.



    • Dear Ben

      Thank you so much. Let me say first of all how generous your offer is. I will pass this offer to her immediately. Of course we have been subsidising her and helping her and I am currently taking HDB to task for evicting her and chasing her for arrears in the first place. I hope to get some movement on this.
      I haven’t updated my readers on her case yet as we are still exchanging letters and exploring options. Actually HDB have already found her one flat mate but it turned out to be an unsuitable arrangement. Madam L refuses to go into a hotel as she is in real fear that she will then drop off the list! We have tried to persuade her.

      Her case is complex and her current situation is almost like a hunger strike in that it is a matter of principle for her.

      Having said that I can tell you that she is a lot happier now to have seen so much movement in a few weeks after over a year on the streets.

      I am very interested in your offer of financial help. We are pushing for Public assistance( back dated) and with that Madam L believes that she will be able to maintain financial independence and keep on top of her rent and bills. However if we are able to show some financial backing and stability whilst she adjusts to paying rent again then I believe HDB would be much encouraged.

      There is one other way in which we are going to need to help Madam L. Madam L has in the past been evicted for hoarding. I am confident that if we can get together a team of volunteers and arrange regular visits between us then we can help prevent this problem from occurring again. She will certainly need to be eased into living with a flatmate and life indoors again.

      My email is


    • I am touched by your kind and generous suggestion and I thank you. However at this stage I don’t think funds or more help in the form of charity would help. Anyway HDB have no right demanding arrears from a destitute homeless person. I will explain why, in a follow up blog now that I have met with social services. In brief Madam L is adamant that she wants HDB to fulfil their promise of over a year ago, to match her up with another person to share a rental unit with. She even made a very pithy remark in reference to the packet of biscuits that social services brought her! More later…..


  2. Ministry of Social Services must set up a task force and identify such similar cases which I believe are many out there; assists them immediately so as to ensure they don’t fall deeper into the bottomless pit of poverty


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