Response to Budget 2010

Reform Party Response To The Singapore Budget, Written by Kenneth Jeyaretnam Friday, 26 February 2010 01:10 The Reform Party has already set out its response to the report by the […]

About your landlord…

Today the Department of Statistics issued a press release* stating that the median monthly income from work among resident households had increased by 3.1% in 2010. They state the real […]

Who cares for the caregiver?

A mind in chaos and the power of love   Raymond Anthony Fernando -Model Caregiver 2007 and Mental Health Champion 2010 shares his true story about his wife’s battle with […]

Stories from the Stairwell

Whilst I attempt in this blog to raise awareness of the state of our rice bowl through economic and political analysis, I have not forgotten the personal stories. These stories […]

Average 2.8% Dec '09 - Dec '10 4.6%

Should we worry about inflation?

Recently there has been much concern over rising inflation in Singapore. Looking at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) the average figure for the year 2009-2010 was 2.8% (shown in blue). […]

What’s up Doc?

012: What’s up Doc? Or who needs a carrot when you own the farm? In a report in the ST dated 5th Feb 2011*, PM Lee is quoted as saying, […]