The rich are different to us…..they have more money

Our new buzzword should be transparency. While we have a Code of Conduct for Ministers that requires them to disclose their income, assets and liabilities to the PM upon taking up office - this does not go far enough. I propose that we need to move to full annual public disclosure including the property and incomes of spouses and dependents. The same rules should be extended to senior civil servants, judges and senior management and directors of GLCs. This would only bring us in line with what public servants are required to do in democratic countries.

Tips on Childcare

  There is so much I could say about the life changing experience of having a child.  But I am going to restrict myself here to an important parenting lesson […]

Clean Is Not the New Transparent

In his Parliamentary speech, the PM highlighted the clean pay of our Ministers.  Gerard Ee also drew a lot of attention to this descriptor and everyone else involved on the […]

Another Ministerial salary sob story

The PM recently brought out a violin in Parliament and plucked the heart-strings with his sad song about the lack of revolving doors in Singapore leading to loss on income. […]

The PM on Paying For Talent !

Excessive Ministerial pay is not there to secure talent. If the government were interested in talent it would want to promote competition and encourage a market place of ideas. This […]

Not in My Parliament

Not in My Parliament. (NMP). Today we learn that a record number of nominations have been put up for selection for the nine available places for Nominated members of Parliament. […]

Immigration is the Elephant in the Room

Yesterday the ST gave us a centre-page spread by two vice-presidents of the Economics Society discussing the rise in inequality in Singapore. The fact that one of them is the […]

A Circular Argument by Massagos in Favour of Slave Labour

Minister of State Zulkifli Massago’s was reported today(–Masagos) as saying that , with the expansion of the MRT and the opening of 12 new Circle Line stations the Government was […]

Dear Santa, I don’t like the cadre and secret cabal I got last year. Next year I’d like some openness, competition and democracy instead.

A cadre system is one in which the leadership of the Party selects certain members to be cadres. The cadres are then the only members who have voting rights. A discussion of the merits and demerits of cadre systems in political parties. The cadre system may explain why the PAP is incapable of learning new lessons .The Reform Party being the only political party in Singapore with a democratic constitution. It is genuinely worrying that so much of the Opposition shares the same mindset and set up as the PAP. This begs the question as to whether their leadership are genuinely interested in change or representation or whether it is merely power that they seek .