Buckle up for a double-dip recession!

Recently the flow of economic news from all around the globe has been dire. The US kept its precious AAA rating and increased its debt ceiling but only by agreeing […]

An Imaginary Climate of Fear?

On Wednesday on behalf of the Reform Party I attended the Singapore Forum on Politics at NUS as one of the panellists. The other panellists were Dr. Chee of the […]

Response to Budget 2010

Reform Party Response To The Singapore Budget, Written by Kenneth Jeyaretnam Friday, 26 February 2010 01:10 The Reform Party has already set out its response to the report by the […]

About your landlord…

Today the Department of Statistics issued a press release* stating that the median monthly income from work among resident households had increased by 3.1% in 2010. They state the real […]

Who cares for the caregiver?

A mind in chaos and the power of love   Raymond Anthony Fernando -Model Caregiver 2007 and Mental Health Champion 2010 shares his true story about his wife’s battle with […]

Stories from the Stairwell

Whilst I attempt in this blog to raise awareness of the state of our rice bowl through economic and political analysis, I have not forgotten the personal stories. These stories […]

Average 2.8% Dec '09 - Dec '10 4.6%

Should we worry about inflation?

Recently there has been much concern over rising inflation in Singapore. Looking at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) the average figure for the year 2009-2010 was 2.8% (shown in blue). […]

What’s up Doc?

012: What’s up Doc? Or who needs a carrot when you own the farm? In a report in the ST dated 5th Feb 2011*, PM Lee is quoted as saying, […]