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Tag: Singapore Judiciary

Some Further Thoughts on the Amos Case

There were a few further points that I want to add or clarify with respect to my previous post “Amos Yee: Singapore’s Youngest Political Prisoner”. Decision to Send Amos to […]

MOF Tharman World Bank Bombshell

In October 2013 the Court of Appeal dismissed my argument that the PAP government’s US$4 billion line of credit to the IMF needed Parliamentary and Presidential approval as required under […]

Statement on the IMF loan judgement and appeal for donations

On 22 October 2012 Justice Tan issued a judgement in my suit which must be of grave concern not only to all citizens of Singapore but to citizens fighting for democracy wherever they happen to live. If the Court is correct it matters not how blatant, how transparent or how deliberate the breach of such a constitutional provision is; the simple and inescapable consequence is that no citizen may challenge it.

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