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You Ask Me I Ask Who?

Recently as you all know,  I have been playing Singapore’s favourite question game, “You Ask Me I Ask Who”.

The Finance Minister, the MAS , the President are all avid players.

Even the Stats Department turned out not to have the stats and went somewhere else. When they told me

“Dear Mr Jeyaretnam,

We would like to clarify that we were unable to provide you with data …as these are not available in our database. We have since checked from other data sources for the data series for 1980 to 1997.”

That changed the game to   “I asked you, you asked who?”  Seriously! The stats dept checked other data sources for our stats.

“You asked who? The CIA?”

But I suppose the President won this game when his office was snookered into responding to my second letter.

His secretary’s secretary literally replied, “You Ask Me I Ask Who”.


On Friday I wrote to the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde. Three working days later I received a phone call from her office assuring me that they had my letter and that it would be passed to Ms Lagarde. A written acknowledgement came shortly thereafter (see below). Nothing very exciting but this global institution has shown one lone Singaporean more respect than his own government has.  And a great deal more efficiency.

Dear Mr. Jeyaretnam,

We acknowledge receipt of your letter addressed to the Managing Director.


Corinne Danklou

Office of the Managing Director”

Shame on you Minister of Finance! Shame on you Mr. President!


  1. Reading MAS’s answer to Kenneth this morning, my immediate query is “Why the need for then AG Chan’s ‘interpretation’ of that Article, which must most surely had been carefully deliberated and written by a ‘kiasu’ government so afraid that some ‘freak’ future government might squander the reserves?” Were those who crafted that Article so flawed in english as to have stated clearly, going by grammar alone, that “loans” cannot be “raised” or “given” without due Parliamentary and Presidential process? And so, the AG had to “interpret” (nay, re-interpret?) it, enabling then PM Goh’s wanting to give that loan to Indonesia.

    Therefore, the motivation behind all that was probably this. Original intent of that Article had been to prevent a “freak” government’s giving out even low risk or no risk loans. This would be consistent with LKY’s “kiasu” and suspicious mentality. But then, as such exaggerated carefulness was wont to result in, they had not the “helicopter view” to anticipate such situations where they themselves would feel it cumbersome to abide by that Article. And so, when that situation arose, they showed yet again their autocratic audacity. Instead of taking the trouble of going by the Constitution, they appealed to the AG.


  2. Excellent Mr KJ your works started to bear fruit so quickly with a warning from other literally mean to stay away from each other property.

    You are really one of the many talented and courages Singaporean that is prepared to come forward to scarified and serve our citizen.


  3. Hi KJ,
    I do not support R Party and some of your members. Even though if you come to my GRC, we not not give you our vote. That was then.
    It has been noticed that you have done some work on money and economics. It should not go unnoticed if your facts and opinions presented and argued are not flawed. Pl keep up the good work.
    Please communicate it with the FTs and FWs. They form 40% of our pop. They reside here and have a part and role to play to contribute to our economy.


    • Thanks and noted. I must point out that this is my personal blog and is not an RP blog or an attempt to sway anyone’s voting opinion. I explore the basic economic issues and issues of freedoms, transparency and accountability. Sometimes I even agree with the PAP! I hope everyone enjoys the right to vote according to their conscience and feels free to comment here either for or against an issue.


  4. There is zero integrity, zero credibility, zero honestly, zero accountability, zero transparency and zero respect on this sinful PAP govt. Fancy that this sin govt taking Singaporeans for a ride for decades. When expose through internet, this bunch of clowns basically act blur and ignorant, as long as they are paid handsomely to zip their mouth . Totally beyond shame and disgust. Leopard just never change its spot.


  5. Another “Uniquely Singapore” example? Thanks, Ken, for having the courage and intelligence to speak on behalf of the ordinary Singaporean. You won’t be the “one lone Singaporean” who is calling for more transparency and accountability in our government. Many Singaporeans are your supporters!


  6. Singapore is a Joke, now how to stop the world from laughing, you ask me i ask who???
    Mr KJ my vote is for you if i am still around when the time come, your effort should also be rewarded by most Singaporean when the time come if i am not wrong.


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